Room Control Systems

One-touch is all you need to set up an engaging presentation.

Control your A/V equipment with an effortless integrated system, offering a simple solution.

  • Control Systems provides a simple user interface that all employees will be able to control
  • Control Systems improve the workflow during meetings
  • The automation of a control system produces several different conferencing functions that make it easy to initiate discussions and adjust to changes from one meeting room to the next
  • A Control System shows your clients, employees, and industry partners that your business is committed to quality communication and efficiency

The average conference room contains various technology tools that allow you to host productive meetings.

A typical room control system utilizes a touchscreen remote to open and close window shades when appropriate, dim lights, adjust the thermostat, start and end a live feed and give individual employees the ability to quickly share information from their devices on the interactive display or standard displays.

Room control systems allow all these technologies to work in unison while controlling through one device. Control systems can be placed on a presentation lectern or boardroom table and mounted flush onto a wall. This unifying system provides a productive environment that can improve efficiency and communication.

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